ADR1FT is Not Coming to PlayStation VR (Updated)

Adrift was first launched on March 28, 2016 for Microsoft Windows, and then on July 15, 2016 for PlayStation 4. The Xbox One version of the game was planned but cancelled. Since the launch of the PSVR, fans have been wondering if the developers plan to release the title for PlayStation VR. Although the answer to that would be a big “no”, creator Adam Orth urges fans, not to give up hope.

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Adrift PlayStation VR

Adrift PlayStation VR Isn’t Planned Right Now

Adrift for PlayStation VR?

Update: Someone tweeted Adam Orth his/her disappointment that the title wasn’t coming on PSVR. S/he said: “a shame [the game] won’t be PSVR compatible. To which Adam replied: “Never say never.” So there’s still hope they might be secretly working on making ADR1FT  PlayStation VR compatible. And if not now then sometimes in future, Adrift for PlayStation VR would become a reality.

Is Adrift a VR Game?

Adrift is not a VR game. Not yet. It launched in early 2016 for Microsoft Windows and then for PlayStation 4. There were plans for bringing it out on Xbox One but it got cancelled.

Adrift Dev Tells Fans to ‘Demand’ PSVR Port

In a Tweet, developer Three One Zero has urged fans that if they want Adrift for PSVR, they have to make a demand for it, to get in touch with Sony & 505 and demand PlayStation VR support.

First spotted by VideoGamer, dev Tweeted: “If you want to see #ADR1FT on #PSVR, tell @505_Games @505GamesFR @505GamesSP and @yosp. Thanks for your support! RT!” Then later they wrote: “Demand #ADR1FT PSVR from 505 Games and Sony. Killer app, crazy to not do it! [Devs] are [good to go]!”

Original Story: The game debuted on Steam and Oculus Rift back in March this year. Yesterday, it launched for PS4 and many were hoping it’d be available for the PlayStation VR too. When someone brought up the issue, the official ADR1FT Twitter account confirmed 505’s statement.

Speaking on releasing the game on other platforms like Xbox One, 505 said they are “still working on additional skus” and that it “will have news on those dates soon”.

Developed by Three One Zero, ADR1FT  is a first-person adventure video game. The official description reads: The story follows an astronaut, who floats through the wreckage of a destroyed space station with no memory of the incident. Over the course of the game, players find clues that piece together the events of the incident, and attempt to repair the escape vehicle to return home.

After creator Adam Orth resigned from Microsoft, back in 2013, development on the game began. They envisioned the game to be a “first-person experience”, deliberately avoiding violence. The team noted that the “look” of the game was the biggest change that occurred during the development phase. Its art style was inspired by the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Many noted the similarity between Adrift and the 2013 film Gravity, but the developers stating that the ADR1FT  was conceived prior to the film’s release.