To Buy or Not to Buy Cheap Move Controller For PS VR While You Still Can?

At the E3 event Sony announced that the PlayStation VR is going to be available from 13 October 2014. The company also revealed that they’ll sell a bundle of two Move wands for $99.99 alongside the headset. The motion controllers will undoubtedly boost your virtual reality experience – one reason why the HTC Vive is fast gaining popularity over the Oculus Rift. The good news is that Sony had already launched a motion control platform with PlayStation Move, a couple of years back. So if you have one lying around then you can use it with you brand new PlayStation VR. It’s worth mentioning that presently PlayStation VR demos are being held through out the US.

move controllers for PlayStation

Photo: Sony

Although Sony said that you can get the two Move wands for around $100 but the question is why buy them at such a steep price when you can get them each for about $30 at AMAZON! PlayStation Move is a six-year-old technology that’ll be compatible with the PlayStation VR. Following this announcement people who have pre-ordered the PS VR are rushing to make a relatively cheap purchase.

Why wait for an accessory that is being re-issued at a higher price right? It’s worth noting though, we don’t know if Sony ever stopped manufacturing the controllers from back when they first came out in 2010. If yes, then the device you’ll buy will be from existing stocks that has been sitting in shelves and warehouses for a long time. As Move Controllers are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, they have a shelf-life for only a couple of years. So even if you buy a brand new controller right now, chances are that they won’t hold charge for long. But as long as you are fine charging the controllers every evening, it’s probably not an issue.

Or you can just wait for Sony to release the two wands, or simply buy the PlayStation VR launch bundle that includes VR headset, PS VR cables Stereo, Headphones, PlayStation VR Demo Disc, PlayStation Camera, 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds (disc).

So will you buy the move controllers for PlayStation VR while it’s still cheap?