EVE: Valkyrie For PS VR to Come in Both Digital and Physical Format, Check Out the New Box

EVE: Valkyrie, the game that’s been called the “killer app” for virtual reality by press around the world will be available in both digital and physical format during the launch of PlayStation VR on October 13th. According to the PlayStation Blog: “Additional free content will be made available to all owners of EVE: Valkyrie throughout the game’s lifetime, and we’re already planning our first free post-launch update to the game (spoiler: it will involve spaceships).”

EVE: Valkyrie

The EVE: Valkyrie PlayStation VR Founder’s Pack will contain the following:

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We recently reported that a certain company is planning to approach Sony for adult movies to be played on the PS VR. CEO of VRPorn.com Daniel Peterson has a mind to approach Sony regarding his plans forPlayStation VR Porn. “PSVR users will be accessing websites, using their PlayStation VR headset. We see the web as the place where adult VR will dominate because it’s the most open and accessible platform,” he said.

Speaking on what are the chances of Sony saying yes, Peterson said: “We have not approached Sony yet. But Sony is a big smart company that understands the market. I think they’ll make the right choices to make sure their tech is Web VR enabled, though it may take them a while to get there. This has a lot of good uses besides porn BTW, the VR web will be huge.”