Exclusive PlayStation VR Headphones by Plantronics

PlayStation VR Accessories: Plantronics is working on an exclusive PlayStation VR accessory – RIG 4VR, a gaming headset. The company has partnered with Sony and created the headset which is slated to come out alongside PSVR in October. According to reports, Plantronics has been engineered in a way to ensure that its comfortable for someone wearing a head-mounted, the PS VR.

PlayStation VR headphone: Plantronics's RIG 4VR

Plantronics’s RIG 4VR

Priced at $69.99, RIG 4VR is approximately 200 grams and has vented ear cups that allows more ambient noise inside than other gaming headsets. Though this sounds like a drawback, Plantronics head of global Corey Rosemond insists for PS VR, it’s a feature. “What we’ve found, this may actually help VR users for maintaining balance,” said Rosemond. “People don’t realize that subconsciously, what you hear and how noise sounds, that affects your balance. Being able to allow some of that in allows us to have some better balance from a VR perspective. It lessens the motion sickness just a bit.”

When asked why they choose to partner with Sony instead of competitors, Rosemond said: “We prioritized these headphones around the PlayStation VR because we found their headgear design was more evolved and had the biggest compatibility from an install base perspective. Plus the PSVR is going to have a significant amount of rich, gamer-first content.”

One of the first highlights, a gamer would notice if they choose to upgrade to RIG 4VR is the microphone technology. After all, the maker is a military contractor for audio equipment. The headset promises a high-quality communications experience to gamers.

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The cable of RIG is approximately 1.5 feet, and will come with clips for securing it alongside the PlayStation VR’s video cable. The package will also include a longer cable to work with the DualShock 4, which means the RIG 4VR can be used without the PlayStation VR too. It’ll support all RIG 500 accessories. Users can plug in new microphones, use different earcups and swap out the headband for additional colors.