PlayStation Meet 2016: PS VR, PS4 Neo, and PS4 Slim Expected at the September 7 Conference

PlayStation Meet 2016: The PlayStation Meet 2016 is the latest hyped event surrounding PlayStation VR. Sony Interactive Entertainment has sent out invites where they’ll “share details about the PlayStation business.” The event will take place at the PlayStation Theater in New York City at 3:00 p.m. ET. To recall, the last PlayStation Meeting was in 2013 and saw the official unveiling of PlayStation 4. This time, we think, Sony will unveil its upgraded PlayStation 4, code-named PlayStation Neo.

PlayStation Meet 2016

Vice reported, one source, who chose to remain anonymous, described the upcoming event as a “technical showcase.” As recently as a few weeks ago, Sony was still nailing down what would actually be shown. Another source indicated that finalised development kits would be sent to developers around the same time.

Sony may not have officially announced anything but we have a fairly good idea that the event will include news on upgrade PS4 Neo, the redesigned PS4 Slim, the PlayStation VR headset. Sony could possibly have a few other surprises in its kitty.

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Given that Neo is supposed to work well with the PS VR, it makes sense that the release date clashes. And it seems convenient that the price range is similar to the standard of PlayStation 4. The price of both devices may seem like a lot, but if you compare the grand total of a PlaStation VR and a PlayStation Neo, with that of VR-ready PC, the former seems more affordable.

A couple of weeks back Sony PlayStation Neo images were leaked online. The rumour on PS Neo began when Sony, reportedly went ahead explain to developers why an upgrade was being made and what it’s looking for, in terms of supporting content via a 42-page document. The presentation somehow went public and was soon taken down. But the image soon turned out to be fake.