PlayStation VR Game Boxes Look Pretty Amazing

This is how the PlayStation VR game boxes gonna look like.

PlayStation Games

As you may have noticed that Sony has come up with a very casual way of differentiating the VR-only games from PS4. The launch games appeared on Best Buy website yesterday. Both PlayStation VR Worlds and Rigs: Mechanized Combat League sport a new feature near the top. They declare themselves as ‘PlayStation VR game’. Down below on the right-hand side, there’s an informal message that reads, “You’ll need these” with an image of the PS VR headset and the PlayStation camera.

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Both games are gonna be launched on October 13, the same day as the PS VR. The headset will be available for $400 while the bundle will cost $500. The bundle will include VR headset, PlayStation VR Worlds Game Disc, PlayStation Camera, Processor unit, VR headset connection cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, Stereo headphones, AC adaptor, AC power cord, PlayStation VR Demo Disc, 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers.

PlayStation Games

Although PlayStation VR is set to have 50 launch titles, they won’t all be available during the launch. While there are plenty of games being designed to be compatible with the headset, all PS4 games can be played with PlayStation VR. Sony had released a comprehensive list of video game developers making titles which includes: ACQUIRE Corp, Beijing Phantomisreal Technical Co Ltd, Beijing SHI GUANG MENG HUAN Technology Ltd, Active Gaming Media Inc, ARC SYSTEM WORKS CO LTD, 2K Games, Enyx Studios, FarSight Studios, Finish Line Games, 4 Corner Games et al.