At the Games Developers Conference (GDC) on 15th March, Sony revealed that the VR will be launched in October with around 50 games. President Shuhei Yoshida had stated that the PlayStation VR will not launch until it has a large enough selection of games. The company informed at the GDC that around 230 developers are currently working to create some smashing titles for all new PSVR users. After all the new platform is measured by the breadth of its software library. In addition to the confirmed PlayStation VR games, buyers will get a free copy of Playroom VR which consists of six games developed by Sony’s very own Japan Studio.We are pretty excited about the forthcoming games and so we made a list of The Top 10 PlayStation Games To Look Forward To.

PlayStation VR Games

PlayStation VR Games

While Gnog is the first title to be officially announced, there are loads of new games being confirmed every week and numerous of other games rumored to appear on the system. While there are plenty of physics-based indie titles like The Modern Zombie Taxi Co, 100ft Robot Golf, some classical franchise like ez, Psychonauts and Ace Combat are going to see the light of day once again. One of the titles we are looking forward to is the Eve: Valkyrie, which is a spin-off of Eve: Online, a popular space-trading game.

One of the many highlights of PlayStation VR is the ‘Cinematic mode’ puts players in a virtual theater and allows them to feel that they are playing the games on the big screen. The headset is capable of rending two images simultaneously. If there’s a three player game, two versus three, then one person who wears the headset can play the monster while the other two who are holding the DualShock and looking at the TV like a regular gamer, can wage war against him as humans. The purpose behind such gameplay is to stop making the use of VR a solitary experience.

For all those who don’t know how many titles have been confirmed, check out the list below. It’s constantly updated.

Confirmed PlayStation VR Games:

Confirmed GamesPSVR ExclusiveStudioGenreRelease Date
The Playroom VRYesSCE Japan StudioParty GameOct. 2016
The Occasional EncounterUserJoy TechnologyFPXTBA
The Musik RoomChrome CodaMusicTBA
The Modern Zombie Taxi Co.YesSanta Monica StudiosArcade RacingTBA
The HumTotwise StudiosSurvival HorrorTBA
The Golf ClubHB StudiosSportTBA
The Gallery: Six ElementsCloudhead GamesPuzzle AdventureTBA
The AssemblynDreamsSci-Fi AdventureTBA
Paranormal Activity VRVRwerxHorrorTBA
P.O.L.L.E.NMindfield GamesSci-Fi AdventureTBA
Omega AgentFireproof GamesActionTBA
O! My Genesis VRYesXPEC EntertainmentStrategyTBA
Nighttime Terror 2VR BitsTopdown ShooterTBA
Moto Racer 4MicroidsRacingOct. 2016
Mortal BlitzSkonec Entertainment’sFPSTBA
Mind: Path to TalamusCarlos CoronadoPuzzle AdventureTBA
Megaton RainfallPentadimensional GamesActionTBA
Mars 2030Fusion MediaFPXTBA
Loading HumanUntold GamesSci-Fi AdventureTBA
KÔNAParaboleSurvival AdventureTBA
KittypocalypseBolvërk GamesStrategyTBA
KerserTechnolustArcade RacingTBA
Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesSteel CrateParty GameTBA
Jurassic EncounterSupermassive GamesFPXTBA
JoysoundVRXing Inc.MusicTBA
Job SimulatorOwlchemy LabsSimulatorOct. 2016
iOMoonHeadtripgamesSci-Fi AdventureTBA
Hyper VoidN Framez Technology3rd Person ShooterTBA
How we SoarPenny Black StudiosFlight Experience2016
HoloBallTreeFortrress GamesSportOct. 2016
Hellgate VRHanbit SoftFPS2017
HeadmasterYesFrame InteractiveSportOct. 2016
Hatsune Miku Project Diva XSEGAMusicOct. 2016
Harmonix Music VRHarmonix Music SystemsMusicOct. 2016
Gunship Battle 2 VRJoycityFlight SimulatorTBA
Gran Turismo SportYesPolyphony DigitalRacing Simulation16.11.2016
GolemYesHighwire GamesAction AdventureOct. 2016
GodlingYesSolfar StudiosPuzzle AdventureTBA
GNOGYesKO-OPPuzzle AdventureTBA
Ghost TheoryDreadlocksHorrorTBA
Get EvenFarm 51FPSTBA
Gary the GullLimitlessInteractive StoryTBA
Gang BeastsDouble FineParty GameTBA
Futuridium VRMixedBag GamesSci-Fi ShooterTBA
Futuridium EP DeluxeMixedBag GamesShoot’em upTBA
Final ApproachPhaser Lock InteractiveStrategyTBA
Filthy LucreFabrikStealth ActionTBA
FatedFrima StudiosFantasy AdventureTBA
Everest VRSólfar StudiosFPXTBA
EVE: ValkyrieCCP GamesSci-Fi ShooterOct. 2016
EVE: GunjackCCP GamesSci-Fi ShooterOct. 2016
EclipseWhite ElkSci-Fi AdventureTBA
EarthlightOpaque MediaFPXTBA
Eagle FlightUbisoftFlight SimulatorOct. 16
Dynasty Warriors 8 VRTecmo KoeiActionTBA
Driveclub VRYesEvolution StudiosArcade RacingTBA
DreamsYesMedia MoleculeCreation ToolTBA
DistanceRefractArcade RacingTBA
Disco FluxSolus GamesRhythm ShooterTBA
Dimensional IntersectionNicalisMusic VisualiserQ3
Desert Bus 2.0Shiny ShoeArcade RacingTBA
Dead SecretRobot InvaderCrime PuzzleTBA
DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3YesKoei TecmoSport ArcadeTBA
Dead Bug CreekCalifornia RexAdventureTBA
Cult CountyRenegade KidSurvival HorrorTBA
Crystal RiftPsytec GamesDungeon CrawlerTBA
Classroom AquaticSunken PlacesStealthTBA
Chernobyl VR ProjectReality 51FPXTBA
Carpe Lucem – Seize the LightApplication SystemsPuzzleTBA
Bebylon Battle RoyaleKite&LightningParty BrowlerTBA
BattlezoneRebellionSci-Fi ShooterOct. 2016
AttractioGameCoder StudiosPuzzleTBA
Atom UniverseAtom RepublicMMOTBA
ARK: Survival EvolvedStudio WildcardMMOTBA
Arizona SunshineVertigo GamesFPSTBA
Apollo 11 VR ExperienceDavid WhelanFPXTBA
Albino LullabyApe LawHorror AdventureTBA
Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head GamesTurbo ButtonPlatformerTBA
AdriftThree One ZeroSci-Fi AdventureTBA
Ace Combat 7YesBandai NamcoFlight SimulatorOct. 2016
100ft Robot GolfYesNo GoblinSport ArcadeTBA
Project CARSSlightly Mad StudiosRacing SimulationTBA
Psychonauts in the Rhombus of RuinDouble FinePuzzleTBA
Q.U.B.E.²Toxic GamesPuzzleTBA
Radial-GTammekaArcade RacingOct. 2016
RIGS: Mechanized Combat LeagueYesGuerrilla CambridgeFPSOct. 2016
Rez InfiniteYesEnhance GamesMusic ShooterTBA
Robinson: The JourneyYesCrytekSci-Fi AdventureOct. 2016
Star Wars Battlefront VRYesDiceSci-Fi AdventureTBA
StatikTariser StudiosPuzzle2016
Surgeon SimulatorBossa StudiosSimulationTBA
Synthesis UniverseOlivier JTFPXTBA
TacteraE McNeillStrategyTBA
Tea Party Simulator 2015Liens Power Up to the MaximumSimulationTBA
TetheredSecret SorceryStrategy2016
The Telltale ProjectWinking EntertainmentSci-Fi AdventureTBA
TechnolustIris VRAdventureTBA
Tekken 7YesBandai NamcoBeat’em upTBA
Time Machine VRMinoritySci-Fi AdventureTBA
ThumperYesDroolRhythm RacingTBA
Thunderbird: The Legend BeginsInnervision GamesPuzzle AdventureTBA
Trackmania TurboUbisoft NadeoArcade RacingTBA
Tumble VRYesSupermassive GamesPuzzleTBA
Until Dawn: Rush of BloodYesSupermassive GamesOn-Rails ShooterTBA
Vanguard VZero Transform3rd Person ShooterTBA
Vector 36Red River StudioArcade RacingTBA
VEV: Viva Ex VivoTruant PixelSurvival AdventureTBA
VisageSadSquare StudioHorrorTBA
vTimeStarship GroupSocial Network ExperienceTBA
Volume: CodaMike BithellStealth ActionTBA
Waltz of the WizardAldin DynamicsFantasy AdventureTBA
War ThunderGaijin EntertainmentFlight SimulationTBA
Wayward SkyYesUber EntertainmentPuzzle AdventureTBA
Werewolves WithinRed StormParty GameTBA
White Day: Swan SongYesRio GamesHorror2016
World War ToonsReload StudiosFPSTBA
XING: The Land BeyondLotus InteractivePuzzle AventureTBA