PlayStation VR Going Wireless And Cheaper in Future

Rumour is that Sony is working a wireless headset that’ll come out sometime in future. The company is planning to make more improvements on the PS VR, said Sony’s Executive, Mr. Masayu Ito in a recent interview. He also lightly mentioned about the PlayStation VR going wireless. Even though the technology is restricting attempts to build a wireless VR, Sony is trying to make the impossible, possible.

Wireless PlayStation VR.

Additionally, Ito assured that they are not just trying to improve the PlayStation VR but also working on cutting the price down and making it cheaper for the mass. According to rumours, the PS VR wireless will use a 5GHz wireless adaptor network which will have more powerful compared to the traditional 2.4 GHz wireless device. The news is that the device is currently under development by Sony.

It was reported that the United States Communications Commission (FCC) has revealed the technology certification related to a virtual reality wireless device. The report also mentions a USB device that would most likely going to be used to support wireless network in the PlayStation 4.

Wireless PlayStation VR.

Photo: Gamersky

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As you can see in the picture, the mysterious wireless device has a model number – CUH-ZWAU1. In the document it is clearly written that the device is a “Wireless Adaptor” and it would be consuming 5V power. There’s a doubt as to where it’ll be used but we are speculating that the device will be connecting the Dualshock 4 to the computer.

The PlayStation VR is set to release on 13th October 2016 for a price tag of $399.

  • Donald

    Except that the table referenced clearly references this as a 2.4GHz bluetooth radio not a 5GHz network. Genius reporting