PlayStation VR Launch Game Battlezone Has a New Trailer

Only last week PS VR revealed that they’ll be partnering with the studio behind Battlezone. Now Rebellion has revealed a new Battlezone trailer that features retro cool tanks who’d be involved in a hell lot of action. See for yourself:

The trailer gives us a sneak peak into the new incredible tanks, players are going to pilot, enemy types and arsenal and mission variety coming in the fully single-player campaign at launch. The title features iconic Heavy Tanks, shoal-like flying Swarms, nimble Scout, that comes packed with a rapid-fire laser machine gun. The cockpit looks pretty amazing.

According to PlayStation Blog, when PlayStation VR launches this October, Battlezone will be one of the limited numbers of games available to buy both physically and digitally. So if you’ve liked the trailer, then you can place a pre-order now both at retail and digitally in Europe from the title’s official website.

Battlezone launches in all its glory on October 13 exclusively on PlayStation VR.